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Musician Silhouette

245 Club

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For a donation of $245, you can be part of the club. Your generous support helps to make our goals a possibility!​

5x7 Blue Goose Postcard-5.png
Thank you to our 245 Club members and supporters!
  • Dan and Sue Rich

  • Mike and Wendy Hubbard

  • Phillip Sbar

  • Wendy Knizek

  • Randall and Libby Wilson

  • Thomas Elder

  • Lynn Fawcett

  • John and Zelma Paris

  • Dustin and Kimberley Bales

  • Joseph and Courtney Coccia

  • David and Marianne Beger

  • Mark and Peggy Robertson

  • Fred and Karen Fernandez

  • Bill Mullen

  • Dick and Betty Chenard

  • William Gruhler

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