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We are a fraternal organization of men and women who work in the  Property/Casualty Insurance Industry. We've all stumbled across something special in Blue Goose, inspiring us to make time to come together!


Our formal name is the Honorable Order of The Blue Goose, International. We have local groups, called Ponds, throughout the United States and Canada. The MICHIGAN POND is a local group, servicing the Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Lansing areas. 

A business meeting


We are home office executives, field claims reps, auditors, underwriters, general adjusters, agents, brokers, investigators, contractors, regulators, appraisers, salvors, attorneys, engineers, and a host of others. 


We are called ganders. Our officers have titles such as Wielder of the Goose Quill, Guardian of the Pond, and Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg. We have a secret initiation ceremony. 


We meet socially and fraternally, and not as a part of any insurance company or industry group. Our mutual link is the career experience we have in our chosen field. We provide fellowship, teach leadership skills, and facilitate educational sessions

This community nature is something larger and yet more intimate than a business association or networking group.  We are genuine friends. 



We invite you to meet with our Ganders and explore the unique character, charity, and fellowship we have to offer. Our welcoming group of friends awaits you. Click below to discover more by visiting the Michigan Pond's website.



The Ponds are dedicated to making a difference by providing generous support to charities. Whether it's raising funds for one specific cause or spreading donations across several, we're committed to helping those in need.


Join our organization today, and together we can make an impact!

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